Our Programs

The complete athlete experience.

We give 11-18 year olds the chance to work with some of the best sports, health & fitness coaches from across Bangkok.

Our mission is to deliver game changing experiences that educate and inspire athletes of all levels to unlock their potential. In individualised programs designed to build athletic foundation, improve sports performance and bring out the potential in every athlete.

We work in collaboration with top sports, health and fitness professionals to focus on training, nutrition, mindset and recovery in events catered to the needs of every athlete.

All our programs are based on years of experience, research and scientific data. Athletes work in a motivating training environment with passionate coaches and friends, to develop their knowledge and build a foundation of key skills to use at home and in training.

The 4 Pillars of Success

Unlock your potential the Train to Play way.


Sport-specific training with professional coaches to improve fitness and performance, helping you get physically ready for competition


Diet & nutrition workshops delivered by passionate health coaches, and healthy food supplied to help you fuel your body for high performance.


Mind performance coaching to increase mental strength and ability to focus, helping you consistenly deliver your best performance.


Injury prevention sessions to reduce fatigue and condition your body, helping you build the recovery routines needed to enhance performance.

Meet Alex Hunt

Alex was born with one arm and is living out his dream playing professional tennis. 

We were lucky enough to have him join us, share his story and give us tips on how to improve.

Check out the video to see some of the action that went down. 

Need more information?

Hi, I'm Adam Currington, founder and camp leader of Train to Play. 

My mission is to utilise my passion for health & wellness to benefit society at large.

Built on a foundation of health, fitness and wellbeing, Train to Play inspires every athlete to unlock their potential and create future pathways for success.

Leave me your details or reach out with a message and I will get back to you soon.