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Breaking mental barriers: Train to Play health coach Darren conquers 100KM Ultra Jungle Run.

Regarded as one of the toughest 100km trails in the world, Train to Play’s resident health coach, Darren Liu, recently completed 29 hours on foot at Ultra-Trail Unseen, Koh Chang. 

Darren hates running and has never run a marathon before! 

Learn how he went from zero to 100 (literally!) and his tips for you in overcoming such extraordinary feats. 

We do a deep dive into:

    • How he prepared for the run (training)
    • What he ate (nutrition)
    • How he dealt with the toughest parts of the race (mindset)
    • His post-race plan (recovery)
    • Key takeaways for you as a young athlete and much more!

Thriving in challenging times: Supporting your Immune System with Food when you need it the most

Health Coach, Darren Liu, talks us through how we can thrive in times of challenge by focusing on our nutrition.

It's time for us to be open-hearted, focused, and level-headed on what we can do to best protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. 

Learn how to do more than survive these challenging times — learn how to thrive.

We do a deep dive into:

    • How to support your immune system in times of challenge
    • Tip on making food your medicine
    • Exclusive meal plan with easy to follow recipes
    • Key takeaways for you as a young athlete and much more!

Competing on the National Stage: A insight into the life of Thai Rugby 7s star.

Young Rugby Star, Harry, interviews Thai National Rugby 7s player, Patrick Goodman.

Patrick shares his story and gives us key takeaways into how he balanced preparing for international competition with a full time job.

Learn what it takes for you to succeed at the very highest level.

We do a deep dive into:

    • How he got on to the national team
    • The training, nutrition & recovery at national level
    • Balancing your time and staying positive.
    • His biggest lessons and advice for young athletes!

Impossible is nothing: Using a positive mindset to pursue a professional Tennis career with Alex Hunt!

Professional Tennis player, Alex Hunt, was born without a left arm and continues to show the world that anything is possible if you set your mind to it!

Alex is a Wilson ambassador and is defying the odds to pursue a professional Tennis career.

Learn how he embraces every challenges and his tips for you in overcoming such extraordinary feats. 

We do a deep dive into:

    • How professional player reach their potential (training)
    • What he eats in before competition (nutrition)
    • His positive outlook on life & failure (mindset)
    • How he stays fresh during competition (recovery)
    • Key takeaways for you as a young athlete and much more!

Never stop working: Don’t let there be excuses for not working towards your dreams with Shota Sagara.

Aspiring Professional Football player, Shota Sagara, gives us advice on how to find new and alternative ways to train.

Shota had been pursure a professional football career Barcelona, Spain, before having to return home to Japan.

Learn how the COVID-19 global pandemic has affected him and takes tips on how you can make the best of the situation.

We do a deep dive into:

    • How to adapt your training schedule 
    • Simple nutrition changes you can make 
    • How to stay positive and motivated  
    • Making recovery a habit 
    • Key takeaways for you as a young athlete and much more!